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Premium Time Reverse Lip Booster 7.5ml

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A glossy Lip Booster that helps lips appear fuller from first application and plumper over time, so it's no wonder why this volumizing moisture treatment works so well. Its gentle formula is ideal for sensitive skin types and it's rich in ingredients, which work together to rejuvenate, moisturize, plump, and soothe the lips. It can also be used multiple ways: as a balm for an instant boost of hydration and volume, or as an overnight mask to maximize its nourishing benefits. No matter how you use it, the consistency is ultra-comfortable to wear, so you can apply it day or night.

This lip booster feels wonderful to apply with a applicator that hugs your lips. Immediately, lips feel comforted and smooth with less-visible lines and signs of irritation. With consistent use, this lip booster is shown to visibly increase lip volume and decrease lines.

  • HYALURONIC ACID FILLING SPHERES are based on the use of a hygroscopic material to make a sphere. These spheres are dehydrated at first and fill up with water within the lips. This hydration process causes a change in volume proportional to the spheres’ moisture-retaining capacity.Hyaluronic Acid Filling Sphere helps to smooth the look of wrinkles through biotechnology.
  • VERSAGEL is a gelled squalane product, which is naturally present in the skin lipid barrier and is an ingredient known for its exceptional moisturizing abilities and its ability to penetrate the skin to deliver benefits. It is absorbed quickly and effectively. VERSAGEL is one of the highest quality emollients on the market due to its sensorial profile, biocompatibility, and furthermore, it is an age-fighting antioxidant.
  • IRWINOL is protective and moisturizing for lipcare, Better moisturizing and softening efficacy on lips than shea butter, Soothes dry and sensitive lips.
  • ROSA RUBIGINOSA SEED OIL is a nourishing and moisturizing oil loaded with fatty acids (linoleic acid -44%, linolenic acid - 34% and oleic acid - 14%), it also contains the miracle active, trans-retinoic acid,aka tretinoin. It is the main bioactive component of the oil and has all kinds of magic abilities including restoring and regenerating tissues (the oil is great for scars and burns) and decreasing wrinkles.
  • SQUALANE is a highly-effective emollient and natural antioxidant. Over time, using squalane in skincare can reduce scars, reverse UV damage, all while fighting free radicals.
  • LIMNANTES ALBA SEED OIL hydrate and rejuvenate lips and is particularly good for dry, sensitive, or damaged lips. It provide long-lasting hydration and care. This oil adheres easily to the lips and does not easily disintegrate, meaning that moisturizing benefits last four hours after application. This quality helps skin to maintain the best possible moisture balance without losing too much moisture to the atmosphere. It works by creating a sort of moisture barrier over the top layer of the skin, preventing excessive moisture from evaporating and ensuring that lips stays hydrated.
CLINICCARE USA Premium Time Reverse Lip Booster 7.5ml.
CLINICCARE USA Premium Time Reverse Lip Booster 7.5ml.
CLINICCARE USA Premium Time Reverse Lip Booster 7.5ml.